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 Duggy   13 Dec : 14:36
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New from MarcoPegase44
Spitfire Mk XVI , FAFL, 340 Sqn (Free French) "Iles De France" February 1945.
Get it here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1151
New from MarcoPegase44
An Amazing skin of Fw-190A8 of II/ JG26 2 White 7.

Get it here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1150
New from HBPencil
Two fantastic, fully marked 'hack' skins of Hurricane MkIIc TacR (Tactical Reconaissance) aircraft used in the India/Burma theater.
Seac Hurri Pack
Get it here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1149
New from HBPencil
A fantastic pack containing twelve skins of Hurricane MkIIb night fighters of No. 486 (NZ) Squadron in 1942.
486sqn Hurri Pack
Get it here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1146