MPG - Bf 109 E7 SchG1 Stalingrad 1942 V2

Author MarcoPegase44
Description Due to the success of these Schg1 Bf109E7 Skins for Stalingrad summer and fall 1942 I have reviewed and improved them.

These old skins in 4K were too dull because I did not master the work of the Alpha layer at the time.

So I saw them again with a new Alpha layer and a light dusting with an additional filter due to the dusty area of the steppe in front of Stalingrad.

7 skins for Bf109E7 SchG1:

- 2 Skins from photos for Bucchner plane and Bf109 coded U.
- Bf109 coded A.
- 3 generic skins for the 1SchG1 and the 8SchG1.
- 1 new additional Stab skin from the semi-historic Stab 1SchG1.
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