Bf109G6 Late JG27 july 1944.France

Author MarcoPegase44
Description Bf 109G6 Late, France 1944.

III/JG27 and I / JG 27, 5 yellow end of July 1944.

Bf109G6 Late inspired by the photograph of a Bf109 of the JG27 abandoned on the provisional airfield of Varades near Ancenis at the beginning of August 1944.

It bears the mark of III / JG 27 but was used by I / JG27 which had recovered it after the withdrawal from operations of III / JG27 in mid July 1944.

This Bf 109 G6Late is interesting because it belongs to a late series produced by Erla in Leipzig, according to the Werk number, but nevertheless has an old type canopy associated with a high tail.

It was no exception to the JG27 during the summer of 1944 as another Bf109 G6 Late from the IV JG27 abandoned in the same region featured this high tail combination with old model canopy.

For the camouflage, considering the production period, I opted for an RLM77 / 75 combination, normally the RLM74 should not be used at this time. But nothing is certain.

The narrow green Reich strip is typical of some encountered at JG27.
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