P47D-22 of 404 FG 507 FS 2nd version

Author PatCartier
Description Second version
Five P47D-22 of 404th Fighter Group 507th Fighter Squadron
Normandy Front

Snortin'Bull, Cpt James A. Mullins
Birdie,1Lt Denver W. Smith
Janie, unknown pilot
Joan, 1Lt Russel F. Fredenhall
Fightin' Gator, 1Lt Fred Varn and 1Lt Ellderedge
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Date Sunday 25 April 2021 - 12:15:23
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  • 2 years ago
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    nice skins nevertheless ...
  • 2 years ago
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    Hello PatCartier
    I noticed your stellar renditions of P-47's of the 404th FG on the Il-2 Forum and from there ended up here. Quite something to see these vs the usually, mostly black-and-white pictures. The D-28 skins are really fantastic.
    Concerning this 'grouping' and assuming the Normandy timeframe : I don't believe "Janie" already existed. At that time, P-47D-22 Y8*T 225993 was named "Ramblin Wreck". Its pilot, Floyd Blair, got a newer type in December 1944, a P-47D-28-RA Y8*T 229289. So the D-22 got a new individual letter, 'N' and a new name, "Janie".
    If you want to do another P-47D-28 in 507th markings (Crocus Squadron), happy to provide you with some info on the Ramblin Wreck.