Fw190D-9 WNr 600175 Yellow 8 + I, 11./JG26 - V2

Author Boelcke
Description Two skins pack Fw190D-9 WNr 600175 Yellow 8 + I, 11./JG26, Faßberg april 1945 and a generic Fieseler bild plane.

The Fieseler production Doras (WNr 600121 - 601490) had a wide range of paintings over the last months of the war. Typical for the Fieseler plans was the W2 scheme for the lower wings with RML 76 and unpainted areas. Also the small B5-style fuselage Balkenkreuz.

V2: Added a skin with alpha layer
Image fw190d9_wnr600175.png
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Date Thursday 28 April 2022 - 15:04:46
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