P-70, Black Widow Commemorative Series #1

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In Commemoration of: P-61A-5-NO 'Lady GEN', Serial: 42-5544.
Lt. Robert A.Smith from 422nd NFS, flew this P-61A during Summer 1944. Lt.Smith achieved five Luftwaffe kills on this turretless P-61. He later added one V-1 missile to this score too.

In Commemoration of: P-61B-2 'Lady in the Dark' Serial: 42-39408.
Unit: 548th NFS, USAAF
Pilot- Lee Kendall. The Lady was credited with the last two kills of the Second World War.

In Commemoration of: P-61A-10-NO 'Lovely Lady' Serial: 42-5573
Unit: 422nd NFS
Pilot - Lt.Donald Shaw (also R.A.Anderson), R/O: Jessie H. Jenkins (also J.U.Morris). Crew Chief: Robert Schumaker. Florennes, Belgium, July 1944. This is the first aircraft to spot the German Ardennes counteroffensive push.

In Commemoration of: P-61A-1 'Moon Happy' Serial: 42-5527
Unit: 6th NFS, USAAF
Moon Happy (LTs Haberman/Mooney) was credited with 4 'Bettys'.

In Commemoration of: P-61 A-5 'Tennessee Ridge Runner' Serial: 42-5543
Unit: 422nd NFS
Pilot - 1LT Herman E. Ernst, R/O: 1LT Edward H. Kopsel.
Flying from A-78 in Belgium, scored a "triple play" in predawn of 2 March 1945, downing two Ju87's and a Bf110.

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