F8F Bearcat USN Pack (for 'stock' N1K2)

Author Rudi_Jaeger
Description Another blast from the past, and one of my favorite hacks. This was the best way I could think of, to get a flyable Bearcat into the stock sim. The N1K2 seemed to be the best candidate for the job, considering appearance and performance. Although it won't do anywhere near the Cat's 450+ mph, it's not all that shabby either. No tail hook, folding wings, or bubble canopy; but it does have a 4-bladed prop, similar gear arrangement, and 4 cannon.

Some 'artistic license' was used in building the template; I had to omit the F8F's wing-fold lines due to the N1k2's lengthy ailerons..would have ran right into the middle of them. I purposely left the vis-mods for the exhaust panels in 'air-show' bright metal rather than the historical painted panels; just more 'smoke and mirrors' to make us believe we're not looking at a N1K2. Although looking out over the wings and back into a cockpit full of Japanese gauges may take a bit to get used to.

Featured are PTO skins for USS Tarawa and USS Shangrila, as well as a post 14-JAN-1947 version for the Shangrila (red bar added to national markings). You may also notice two versions of color for the internals which is historically correct. Also included are a few photos and 'terms of use' in the readme.

The Bearcat was built for the sole purpose of getting to altitude quickly to defend against Kamikaze attacks, and was enroute to the Pacific when the war ended so it never saw combat. It continued to serve in peacetime until finally replaced by the F9F Panther.

It was so adept at it's task, that an unmodified production F8F-1 Bearcat set a 1946 time to climb record to 10,000 feet in 94 seconds, after a takeoff run of only 115 ft. The Bearcat held this record for ten years until it was bested by a modern jet fighter, but the jet still couldn't beat the Bearcat's short take-off distance.

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