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Twin Pack No 17 - combined 525 aerial victories.

1. FW 190A-6, W.Nr. (?), 'Yellow 5', flown by Olt. Otto Kittel, 3./JG 54, Riga-Skulte, August 1944.

2. FW 190A-6, W.Nr. (?), 'White 5', flown by Hptm. Walter Nowotny, Kommandeur of I/JG 54, Krasnogvardeisk, August/September 1943.

Some of the most devastatingly efficient aces of WWII has to be the pair of Otto Kittel and Walter Nowotny from JG 54 Grünherz. This pair racked up an incredible number of 525 victories together - Kittel with the final score of 267 and making him the greatest 190 ace of them all, and Nowi with 258. Perhaps notable for better understanding the amount of aircraft destroyed by only two pilots is that the combined score of 525 aerial victories is somewhat equal to some of the smaller nations entire airforces today (!).

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