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Description Deutsch Brod Skin Pack Please Read if Interested Oct 18th /2011

A Little History

Back in November 2009 I released the first Pack of Deutsch Brod Skins over on M4T and was quite surprised at how well they were received.
It was never released here at A&A. For whatever reason it just sat on my hard drive until Phas3e released his Factory template.
I sort of thought to myself that it would be fun to dust off this pack and re release it once more.
The Pack you have downloaded is a large update which includes the 10 updated originals, plus 7 new skins.

These were all late model BF109's of 1 and II Stab JG52 and supporting units that were withdrawing from areas in Hungary to German held territory as the Russian Front advanced
West in the Spring of 1945.

Deutsch Brod was not only the home of JG52 on the Eastern Front at that time but other Luftwaffe units such as 1/and II SG 102, which were equipt with
various JU87B,D and G varients as well as FW-190's. Deutch Brod housed a large Diana Manufacturing centre for producing BF109 G10 U4's as well as a major
aircraft recovery and repair centre.

During the last 10 days of April 1945 during the Battle of BRNO with other Frontline units arriving at Deutsch Brod, JG52 was first to reinforce that sector
of the front. This happened according to eye witnessess on April 21st and 22nd.

After the Geman surrender at the beginning of May, many of JG52's aircraft were delibertly destroyed on the ground where they were, however some others were not.
Fuel resources at The Brod had been seriously depleted to only 3% of its original supply,however a substantial number of pilots made quick plans to fly West and surrender to the Allies
rather than the Russians.
Fueling up their fighters with most of the remaining octane,these pilots took off in ones and two's over the next few days and flying west,and in several cases to Italy,and there surrendered, calling on Open Radio,wagging their
wings, and dropping their landing gear, putting down on various Allied occupied fields in the West.
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    SUPERB!!!!! Thanks for re-releasing them...