Westfront campaign for HSFX 7 - Part 3: Phoney war to Rhine crossings

Author Boelcke
Description Westfront 1a Zpshneuntet

What is needed to play the campaign:

- working with IL2 V 4.12 and HSFX 7 only!!!! (HSFX 7.02 or better is needed)

- Asuras DGEN.EXE mod: Version or better

- the westfront skin pack for Luftwaffe, USAAF and RAF, you will find them here with some descritions:

The campaign:
France 1939: phoney war/Sitzkrieg (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
France 1940: Fall Gelb (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
France 1940: Duenkirchen (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
Battle of Britain: The Channel Battles (Canon´s BoB1940 map)
Battle of Britain: Eagle Days (Canon´s BoB1940 map)
Battle of Britain: Defence of London (Canon´s BoB1940 map)
France 1941: Circus (DRK_Circus map)
Channel front spring 1942: Butcher Bird (DRK_Circus map)
France autumn 1942: Fortresses ahead (DRK_Circus map)
Channel front January 1943: All quiet at the western front (DRK_Circus map)
Channel autumn 1943: War of attrition (DRK_Circus map)
France may 1944: Pre invasion phase (DRK_Circus map)
Normandy june 1944: DDay (DRK_Circus map and stock Normandy)
Normandy july 1944: Breakout (DRK_Circus map and stock Normandy)
Netherlands fall 1944: Market Garden (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
Ardennes end of 1944: Battle of the Bulge (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
New years day 1945: Operation Bodenplatte (Gilb57´s Westfront map)
Ardennes early 1945:Into the Reich (Gilb57´s Westfront map)

I´m missing a decent map for the very last part of ww2 in April 1945, with northern Germany as HSFX des not include such a map. Perhaps i will update the campaign a last time with a final part and the new EAW style map which is available now.

All these parts available for RAF, FAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe pilots. Included are figher, fighterbomber and bomber campaigns.

All together some 1000 missions!

The DRK_circus map is done with scale 1:1 - serious fuel management for the Spifire pilots is recommended.

The first parts of the campaign from phoney war till Bob are reworked with new missions and more use of the weather settings.

The invasion part for the RAF uses the stock Normandy map and you will start from the advanced airfields in the bridge head. The invasion part for the USAAF will use the DRK_Circus map and you will start your missions from the british island like the 8th USAAF did.

The bomber campaign is expanded now till the invasion, you will also start your missions from Britain.

The 1941 Bomber and Fighter bomber campaigns parts are night missions only.

Furthermore i took advantage from the weather settings from Asuras mod which allowas more different weather conditions with clouds for more hide and seek with the AI.

You will find the campaign in the campaign rooster as *Boelckes Westfront campaign for ...

Feedback and support here:

What´s new in Part 3:

- Bug fixes
- Added the later parts of the war, the Battle of the Bulge, Operation Bodenplatte and Rhine crossings in spring 1945 to the campaign
- Added some more skins
- The RAF bomber campaign has now a part as night bomber in 1941 included
- The RAF figtherbomber campaign has also a part in 1941 as night prowler included, cause RAF started day light fighterbomber operation over France in 1942
- Added an additional subcampaign to the Luftwaffe part for 1941, defending the Battlecruiser fleet in the Port of Brest
- French fighter campaign uses the Hawk 75 insted of the P 36 as flyable
- New missions and a lot of more stuff - explore it yourself, it´s to much to count it here.


The campaign file pack pack is a non-commercial product. Every commercial use is denied by the author. Do not upload the campaign anywhere else or alter the campaign files.

Install instructions:

Step 1: Install Asuras dgen.exe - first backup the stock dgen.exe, everything else doesn´t matter

Step 2: Install the campaign, simply copy all the files from the zip file into the\DGEN and \DGEN\MOD folder (no subfolder) - if you have installed the previous part 1 simply overwrite the old files.

Step 3: The HSFX 7 plane data base files for Asuras dgen.exe mod, you need these files, without them the campaign don´t work, always use the latest version of the files (1.4 yet), if you are using a former version of these files please update:

copy these files into the \DGEN\Mod folder - AFTER you have installed Asuras dgen.exe and overwrite the old files

It´s needed to get the campaign work

Check the dgen_mod.ini in the IL2 root folder and copy these lines into it before starting a campaign:


Kown issues:

- It is possible that sometimes your squadron will transfer to an enemy airfield, when the frontlines are moving

workaround for this problem: disable "no instant success" in the options of the campaign rooster or difficult settings, when starting a campaign, so you are always able to skip such a mission and go on with the next mission.

- Every now and then you will have airstarts - it´s because of the mass of aircrafts and the small airfields; dgen.exe sometimes chooses airstart for the player when the airfield is to small to host a large number of airfcrafts

- In the Invasion of Belgium part (Fall Gelb) you will have night missions every now and then - it´s a known bug in Asuras dgen.exe mod when flying more than one mission a day, i hope he will correct it in the future

- The Luftwaffe London part has airstart, it´s not possible to use ground start with escorting the large heavy bomber formations in dgen campaigns

- Luftwaffe does also bomb other towns than London in the last BoB part - i didn´t find a way to concentrate the attacks on the city of London


- to Charlie Chap, who provided the map data for the BoB map and the basic campaign files i used - many thx for it
- to IV/JG7_4Shades and the SEOW dev teams for providing the aircraft data files for HSFX 7, without it this campaign wouldn´t be possible
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    Yes same Problem. Any fixes ?
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    Same thing. Can't find a fix, using HSFX 7.03
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    I am also having the same problem friend. I wonder if this campaign also works in this new mod, the mod pack dgen

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    Everytime I try and generate a Westfront Campaign, it beeps and nothing happens, doesn't matter what plane I choose or what nation I pick, can someone help me?