PC6 Porter, Northwest Trek

Author Rudi_Jaeger
Description A fictional skin for the FSX SP-2 Acceleration Pilatus PC-6C_H2 by Tim Conrad. This is the Fairchild-built version of the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, with the Garrett TPE 331 turboprop engine.

Aside from my IL-2 endeavors, I'm a devoted fan of the Orbx/FTX Pacific Northwest scenery, especially since I grew up there.. of course the term 'grew up' is arguable, I'm still like a little kid when it comes to airplanes. smile

One of my favorite freeware aircraft to fly this area, is the Turbo Porter; it's perfect for touring some of those backwoods strips. Only problem was, finding a skin or 'repaint' that suited the Pacific Northwest.. all the existing repaints were either in another country or featured something specific to another area. So time to get out the brushes and make my own. This is my first-ever paint job for MSFS, so I kept it simple; and I was glad I did, since there are a few additional steps involved when compared to IL2 skinning. Full installation instructions are in the read-me.

If you do not have the original aircraft, log-in to (free registration required), and search for "". Many Thanks to Tim Conrad for sharing his work with us; his PC-6 is a top quality product, regardless of it's distribution as freeware.

Enjoy your flights!

Please Note: This work is for your personal use and enjoyment, and is not intended for redistribution or profit, either in whole or in part. My work shall remain exclusive to Axis & Allies Paintworks unless I have stated otherwise. I have provided this work to you 'free of charge'; all I ask in return is that you respect my 'copyrights'. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM. Thank You.
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