Welcome to the new Axis & Allies Paintworks

 e107   13 Mar : 17:36
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Welcome to the new Axis-And-Allies-Paintworks.com website! If you happen to have stumbled across this prior to our official release of the new site, Or if you are indeed reading this after the release, we would like to welcome you to the new look of A&A.

We have always said that we like to listen to our members; your feedback, your opinions and your ideas. We would like to think that this new look shows you that we do. Over the last 2 years, the main issue people have had with our site was navigating around it (A pretty big issue to be fair). It was fine if you were a daily visitor and kept up to date with all the posts, however for the average user who might stop by once a week, it was not the ideal solution.

This new site Features 2 fully structured download sections: One for skins, one for missions. Each contains it's own sub categories to help you find your way around the site much easier than before. It also features a fully integrated search system which means that if you have an idea of what you're looking for, and we have it here, you should be able to find it much more quickly and easily. Whilst this may not benefit you directly, we also have a brand new upload system which makes our posting of skins so much easier (Now we really do have no excuse for having a back log of work because we were scared off by a tedious upload procedure).

A huge thanks goes out to our good friend and host Randy "Tailhook" Thom who has spent a lot of time working on the site for us. This new design is a testament to our friendship and his dedication to helping us. Another thanks goes out to all the guys who have become a part of our family here, clubing together whenever it has been time to pay the bills of hosting the site. (Some 8GB of skins so far).

We hope you enjoy using the new site and ask that you please bare with us while the new site is still in it's infancy. We expect there to be a few teething issues, but of course, through time we will prevail.

One issue which we are aware is that of Usernames. Currently, your username for the forum will not work on this new site. This is a shame, however it has been decided that we will keep the system like this as this for the time being. If you wish to post comments on the downloads here, you can either register on this new site or you can contact us on the forum.

Rob "Rock" Brindley