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 Duggy   01 May : 18:48
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New from MarcoPegase44
Two amazing 4K Spitfire MkIXe skins from 127 squadron.
- Spitfire MkIXe 127Sqn. 9N-R Sqn_Leader Otto Smik Nov. 1944.
- Spitfire MkIXe 127Sqn. 9N-Y Nov . 1944.
Mar Spit XIV
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New from PatCartier
Another two superb Bf 109 G6's of 15(Kroat)/JG 52:
- white 5, november 1943
- KL+UR, november 1943
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New from PatCartier
Two fantastic skins of Bf 109 G6's of 15(Kroat)/JG 52:
- white 13 WNr 18497, Uffz Zdenko Avdic, Bargerovo, november 1943
- red 9 WNr 19638, Karankut, november 1943
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New from MarcoPegase44
A fantastic Bf109 G-14 probably belonging to II / JG2 having made a forced landing in August 1944 in France.
It was certainly flown by Uffz Kock which was shot down between Le Mans and Chartres on August 13th.
The WNr413740 certainly indicates a discontinued G6 to the G14 standard or a G14 produced at Erla-Leipzig.
Bf109G14 Probably Belonging To II JG2
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