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 Duggy   14 Feb : 00:58
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New from Boelcke
An amazing skin for a Fw190 D9, Blue 12, WNr 500570, JG 6 spring 1945
Get It Here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1219
New from Boelcke
A wonderful MiMetal production Dora9 with the typical colours RLM 76/02/83/81 of its production batch. The wing lower surface with a W3 scheme (RLM 75 leading edge and bare metal).
Detlef Dora 9
Get It Here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1220
A fantastic Spitfire MkVb of 340Sqn Free French "Iles de France" ,Flown by Capitaine François De Labouchere 1942.
Marco Spitfire V
Get It Here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1217
New from HBPencil
A sensational pack containing four generic skins: three RAF (two ETO and one MTO) and one VVS of the Spitfire PR.IV to be used on the Mk.Vb as 'hack' skins.
Vb Priv Hack Pack
Get Them Here -- http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1213

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