P47D's of G.C. 2/5 La Fayette v2

Author PatCartier
Description 7 skins of P47D's of G.C. 2/5 La Fayette, based at Luxeuil, N-E of France in 1945.
#32 was based at Ambérieu, France 1944.

The skins are as much as I could "historically accurate" but I allowed myself to pay tribute to Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt aka CJE, founder of the revue Aérojournal and a major contributor to the Aviation Passion forum of the Check Six website.
His name is on one of the planes.

4k template by ICDP

2nd version: weathering improved, no more texture bug over the roundel, less glossy & a second livery for the #32.
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Date Friday 14 December 2018 - 15:16:01
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