Fw190D-9, WNr unkown, pilot Oskar Romm, IV./JG 3

Author Boelcke
Description Fw190D-9, WNr unkown, black >>, pilot Oskar Romm, IV./JG 3 Prenzlau March 1945

The plane arrived IV./JG 3 in March 1945. It´s technical features confirm that it was an older Dora 9 which has gone through a major repair and painting process, most likely at the Fieseler factory in Kassel.
It was probably an older Focke-Wulff factory build plane from the WNr 2111xx batch.

The fuselage is painted in a solid RLM 81, the upper wings most likely RLM 81/82 and the lower wings as W3 with unpainted areas and an RLM 81 leading edge.
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