LTA / SNJ Generics

Author Rudi_Jaeger
Description Originally made for our friends at SAS, I am sharing these with everyone as part of our First Year Anniversary at Axis and Allies Paintworks.

18 Trainer schemes for the T-6 Texan or SNJ-5C which are now included in Ultra Pack 3.0 and DBW; although they will work equally as well with the stock SBD-5. The filenames include the aircraft type they are intended for, but they are interchangeable between the T-6 and SNJ if you so desire; this is why I chose to leave many of the SNJs without a candy-stripe for the tail hook. Contrary to the screenshots, keep the gear down on the BTs for proper appearance..they're the ones with the ribbed canvas fuselage.

Previously, I had not released any unmarked versions of these aircraft; so this pack is for those who like to select their own markings within the sim, or those who wish to apply their own defaults. Many are based on my previously released historical schemes, with the exception of any unique markings; with the intent of offering the broadest range of application for various theatres. I hope you will enjoy them.

Template and markings by author.


Please Note: This work is for your personal use and enjoyment, and is not intended for redistribution or profit, either in whole or in part. My work shall remain exclusive to Axis & Allies Paintworks unless I have stated otherwise. I have provided this work to you 'free of charge'; all I ask in return is that you respect my 'copyrights'. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM. Thank You.
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  • 10 years ago
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    Great skins for my flight Il-2 flight school here at home!