Avia B-534 Type III, Czech

Author Rudi_Jaeger
Description 25 skins depicting the Avia B-534 Type III of the Czechoslovakian Air Force, 1937-1938. Includes 1 generic unmarked skin for optional use as a default. These skins are custom mapped exclusively for Ranwers' Early Avia mod, available at SAS; they will not display properly on the un-modded B534 Type IV.

The Early Avia Mod is a very nice representation of the TypeIII model, but I was always bothered by how the fuselage ribs became distorted whenever applying a 'default Avia' skin to it. The entire top part of the fuselage merges into the bottom at an angle similar to a sinking ship. So with this skin, I did a little 'counter-leveling' to fix it. I had to omit most of my shadow effects which I use on the TypeIV, since part of the tail section with the shadow is double-mapped to the fuselage, and resulted in a dark geometric pattern. I also added a laminated Avia prop, since this version was not equipped with the metal Letov prop of the Type IV. ...Avia is still in the prop business btw.

Template and markings by author.

Please Note: This work is for your personal use and enjoyment, and is not intended for redistribution or profit, either in whole or in part. My work shall remain exclusive to Axis & Allies Paintworks unless I have stated otherwise. I have provided this work to you 'free of charge'; all I ask in return is that you respect my 'copyrights'. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM. Thank You.
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