F6F-5 Number 8 Cornelius N Nooy USS Belleau Wood 1945 19 kills 2048x2 and 1024x2 vIL2 1946

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Description Cornelius Nicholas Nooy (April 15, 1921 – March 12, 1958) was a United States Navy flying ace of World War II. Nooy ended the war as the highest-scoring fighter pilot operating from a light aircraft carrier, and tied for fourth-highest-scoring ace in the US Navy (with Patrick D. Fleming and Alexander Vraciu). Nooy served two tours with VF-31's "Flying Meataxers" aboard the USS Cabot and USS Belleau Wood. The first of these tours set a record for kills by a CVL fighter squadron.Two skins 2048x2 and 1024x2 as always thanks to the template makers.
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