B24J 43rd Bomb Group skins for the 64th, 65th, 403rd Bomb Squadrons vIL2 1946

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Description These skins were released with IL2 version 4.13 and not available for download on any site, until now. Included in this pack are 16 Skins of the 43rd Bomb Group plus three generic skins, one for each supplied squadron. Reference: Markings for each aircraft has been sized and located according to WWII photos, "Camouflage and Markings 17 - B-24", b24bestweb site and "Consolidated Mess The illustrated Guide to Nose-turreted B-24 Production Variants in USAASF Combat Service" by Alan Griffith ISBN-10: 8361421165 ISBN-13: 978-8361421160 B24 version types by skin: 63rd BS 64th BS B-24J-160-CO SN 44-40428 Cocktail Hour B-24J-160-CO SN 44-40429 Michigan B-24J-185-CO SN 44-40865 Last Horizon B-24J-190-CO SN 44-40973 Dragon and His Tail B-24M-1-CO SN 44-41846 Mad Russian B-24L-15-FO SN 44-49853 It Ain't so Funny B-24L-15-FO SN 44-49854 Mabels Labels B-24M-1-CO SN 44-42362 Windy City Kitty 65th BS (The Lucky Dicers) B-24J-160-CO SN 44-40399 Kens Men - Missin' You B-24J-180-CO SN 44-40776 Carolyn Mae B-24J-190-CO SN 44-40980 Barbara Jean B-24L-15-FO SN 44-49827 Rum and Coke 403rd BS (Mareeba Butchers) B-24M-10-FO SN 44-50768 Million Dollar Baby (Late) Contents Skin Pack file: B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 362 Windy City Kitty.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 428 Cocktail Hour.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 429 Michigan.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 846 Mad Russian.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 853 Ain't so Funny.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 854 Mable's Labels.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 865 Last Horizon.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS 973 Dragon And His Tail.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 64thBS Generic.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 65thBS 399 Ken's Men.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 65thBS 776 Carolyn Mae.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 65thBS 827 Rum and Coke.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 65thBS 980 Barbara Jean.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 65thBS Generic.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 403rdBS 768 Million Dollar Baby.bmp B-24J 43rdBG 403rdBS Generic.bmp
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