• Not sure if these count as USAAF, but here's my whole Catch-22 reference library:

    6A 40-1203 (Camera ship, B-25C)
    256A Zps17fc9864

    6B 40-3507G "Passionate Paulette"
    256B2 Zps2af7f55f
    256B Zps32a895f3

    6C 40-9456Z
    256C2 Zps5652ec82
    256C Zpsf86e5d7f

    6D 41-31714G "Free, Fast and Ready"
    256D Zps197e2fd8
    256D2 Zps06b7f44a

    6E 40-1042B (Camera Ship, B-25C)
    256E Zps29d49ead

    6F 40-7687G "Superman"
    256F Zps55510232

    6G 43-9856C "Booby Trap"
    256G Zpsad2e3c31

    6H 40-8185H
    256H Zps3b0af50a

    6J 41-9494Z "Annzas"
    256J Zps88314938
    256J2 Zps514c1a45
    ^(Screencapture by me)^

    6K 41-7681C "Vestal Virgin"
    256K Zps6b3d8a0d
    256K2 Zps68b5440c

    6M 41-9115Z "Hot Pants"
    256M Zpsc2d40ae9

    6N 44-10V "Berlin Express", later Dreedle's VIP transport
    256N Zpsdfb13325
    256N3 Zpse8b1fee9
    256N2 Zpsc985fec0
    256 Zps558b574f
    2562 Zpsd8ee2d33

    6P 43-9494Z "aBOMBinable Snowman" later "Laden Maiden"
    256P Zps6b59ab16
    256P2 Zps37fffd80
    256PLate Zpsad09660e

    6Q 42-849G "The Denver Dumper"
    256Q Zps7f423c47
    ^(Screencapture by me)^
    256Q3 Zps8984eeb4
    256Q2 Zps0e7a0ee8

    6S XB-HEY (Used in crash landing sequence then re-painted in camo as a dismantled wreck)
    256S3 Zps4703fbac
    ^(Screencapture by me)^
    256S2 Zps304b755e
    256S Zpsb97fe63d
    256S4 Zpsad8a56c1

    6V 43-9451Z "Dumbo" (B-25C)
    256V2 Zps181e2727
    256V Zpsbc69ccbd
    256V3 Zps5e711fbe
    256V5 Zpsdac02e86
    256V4 Zps43056606

    Note: The first two shots are of an unknown B-25 nose section that was used for the inside scenes and the "Bomb the Ocean" sequence. The third and fourth are screencaptures by me.

    6V also, later 6W 43-9452Z (B-25C, used as a stand in for "Dumbo", later marked 6W)
    256W Zpsdb3a54ed

    6Y 43-10564 "Luscious Lulu"
    256Y2 Zps948f989a
    256Y Zpsb1280929

    All aircraft had the tip of the vertical stabilizer painted dark blue, were given a squadron callsign (6A-Z) and had the N of the registration number replaced by a 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. I'm considering doing 6R (XB-HEY's repainted wreck), just for the heck of it.

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