• Fleet Air Arm Camouflage and Markings: Atlantic and Mediterranean Theatres 1937-1941

    Stuart Lloyd

    ISBN 978-1-905414-08-6

    The title says it all really, this book being a well written and detailed description of FAA paintschemes and unit markings ranging from the pre-war overall silver style up to and including the adoption of the Temerate Sea Scheme in late 1940. Plenty of pages are given to describing the various paint types and styles that the FAA experimented with before the war as well as the myriad of changes made to the marking regulations throughout 1940.

    Although some mention is made of non-carrier ship-borne types (such as float planes) primarily the book focuses on carrier aircraft; as well as a general overview each major type (Albacore, Fulmar, Martlet, Sea Gladiator, Skua/Roc and Swordfish) is also examined in detail, although it is worth noting that the Sea Hurricane is not covered at all.

    At 152 pages this book is well printed on good paper stock with lots of photos and plenty of well done colour profiles to compliment the text, so if you're a skinner who wants to know about FAA schemes during the early war period I highly recommend this book.

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