• The Hawker Hurricane Mk. V was an attempt to improve the ground-attack capability of the Hurricane. Powered by a Merlin 32 engine, driving a Rotol four-blade propeller. Only three Mk Vs were ever built with two of these being conversions from Mk. IVs.

    The Mark V first flew on 3 April 1943. It reached a maximum speed of 326 mph at 500 ft, which is comparable with the Hawker Hurricane I despite being one and a half times as heavy., but overall performance was not significantly improved, and the Merlin 32 engine tended to overheat. The project was abandoned, and the two aircraft converted back to the Mk IV standard.

    By this time, the Hurricane was no longer a front line fighter in the United Kingdom. However, it still saw extensive service overseas as a fighter, playing a prominent role in the Middle East and Far East.

    Hurricane Mk V KZ193
     V Trop KX405
     V NL255 In 1944

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