• Hi again Boelke; it's been a while since I filed a bug report for your mod. The last time I did, I was unable to run vanilla Campaigns using your westfront mod. The problems started occurring after I updated Asura's Dgen mod to I am also using v1.5 of your mod files.

    Not only will certain vanilla campaigns not run, the entire USAAF fighter campaign doesn't work. I get a beep whenever I try to generate a campaign, and the error log in the Dgen_modERROR file says: "Error - can't open DGen\mod\DRK_CircusTowns.dat".

    Edit: Please disregard this message. I downgraded to DGEN and reinstalled the campaign files and everything seems to be working.

  • Hello again, Boelke. I want to take the time to give you some feedback on your campaign.

    Overall, I enjoy it. However at times it can get repetitive, and the following is a list of things I've noticed or issues I have with the mod.

    Map feedback
    -I don't like how DRK_Circus is used for 8 campaigns in a row. It would be great if each campaign could alternate between different Northern France Maps like Canon's BoB 1940 map, 352FG's Cross-Channel Map.
    -On the DRK_Circus map during the cross-channel campaigns, it seems as if the only airfield to Luftwaffe will bomb is RAF Westhampnett. The other airfields are almost never touched.

    Campaign feedback
    -In the "Butcher Birds" campaign, the only bombers I saw the RAF use were American-made A-20s and B-25s, but the A-20 did not see operational use by the Brits until February 1942, and the B-25 by January 1943.
    -I'd like to see certain RAF volunteer squadrons, like 303 Squadron, to be flyable.

    Mission feedback
    -The cross-channel campaigns (minus the D-day campaigns), especially the January '43 fighter campaign has a noted lack of ground attack missions, where the Typhoon is flyable for the RAF. When there are ground attack missions in this campaign, the player is only given escort duty, and the attacking planes are almost always Spitfire MK. IXs or P-51As. I have yet to see a single Typhoon show up.
    -I would like to see more recon missions, both intercepting enemy recon planes and performing recon myself.
    -More fighter sweep missions would also be a great addition.

    Questions about your plans for the mod:
    -The RAF Bomber campaign only goes to D-Day. Are you planning on expanding it further?
    -Will there be bomber campaigns for the USAAF and Luftwaffe?
    -How long do you want to keep working on this mod in particular?

    That sums up most of my issues with your campaign. It's great overall; it just needs a little improvement.

    (The other issues are caused by Asura's DGen_mod, which messes up some vanilla campaigns and makes the AI behave strangely.)

  • Thx man for your feedback. I never got a lot of response and constructive critics like yours.

    Some of the problems are caused by Asuras dgen.exe, some by myself. The problem is that the campaign is epic with all it?s stuff and it?s also an epic work to rework that campaign. Additionaly has Asura choosed his own way to go with his dgen mod which makes it much more difficult and much more time consuming to work with it. So, i have retired from campaign building some time ago, the game is old and i simply don?t have the time anymore or want to do other things in my life.

    My biggest pleasure has always been to see how much fun people had with my campaigns, so many thx for your feedback again.

  • Hi again Boelke. I thought I would not be posting again in this thread for help, but all of a sudden a campaign that was easily 180+ missions long has suddenly stopped working.

    I was flying the first RAF channel front 1943 campaign. I had just finished a mission where my flight had attacked some targets of opportunity. Then, as I hit "apply" after the mission was done, I got the beep sound where the campaign doesn't generate the next mission. I am still running DGen_MOD The campaign list still gives the date of the last mission, and I get a blank briefing screen.

    The error code that I get at the bottom of the Dgen_ModERROR file says "OpCode not found: oRedFTransfer". I also got this bug when I ran an RAAF Singapore campaign. This is unusual because I've never had to transfer to a new airfield before in these cross-channel campaigns. Is this supposed to happen?

    I know that the code is found in the ops.dat files, but I am wary of modifying these files, as I do not want to mess anything up. What lines should I use, if that's the proper fix?

  • If you have a problem with campaigns that use the DGen_MOD it's better to contact Asura at M4T. He's probably the only one who will be able to help you:


  • Hi I get a Application Error every time i try to launch a Westfront campaign

    "Exception EConvertError in Module DGen.exe at 00088EE
    ?none?is not a valid integer value"


    = DGen_mod (07/05/2015) =
    seed: 183799296
    ParamStr: gb 0
    DGen_mod initialization. Side: gb, Rank: 0
    Career ID: GbBoe10
    Can't open DGen\mod\AllClasses.dat

    I used the DGen files from the installation discription

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