• Hi all,

    Last Friday, I finally got the opportunity to go and visit the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. The collection is fairly well known in the area, and has some of the most accurately restored warbirds anywhere, all of which are taken out and flown on a regular basis! They had a free day on Friday to celebrate the opening of their new addition- a hangar to house more of the collection's aircraft, and so I made the trip with my girlfriend's uncle and grandma. Overall, it was an awesome experience, but being a free day, it was fairly crowded, and with the layout the way it was, it was difficult to get good angles or overall shots of the aircraft. I think I managed to get some pretty good ones, regardless; these are a selection of the 805 photos I took in just over three hours...

    Spitfire Mk. Vb

    1 Zpsdc7f6b8f

    5 Zps2d673e85

    7 Zps30a83ae0

    Fw 190A-5

    6 Zps24f95210

    9 Zpsa5d8ac6f


    10 Zpsad4be936

    12 Zps1d378d5a

    37 Zps2b777a80

    Flak 37

    13 Zpsfae50ea6

    JN-4 Jenny

    14 Zpse8121ffd


    15 Zps16f0147e

    23 Zpsb7202492

    24 Zps05c1edd8

    Lancaster Fuselage

    16 Zpsf2b9e70b

    Fw 190D-13

    17 Zps88b39ac4

    18 Zpsc1b0a59e


    19 Zps1b9e53a8

    39 Zps973d651e


    22 Zpsbb61a25c

    P-47D and P-51D

    26 Zps4dabbdc2

    65 Zpsda21a983

    -note the burned area on the landing gear door where the exhaust hits it when the gear are lowered...
    26 Zps4dabbdc2

    66 Zpsf5cd783e

    The collection's P-47 is painted as "Talahassee Lassie," which served in the 9th air force during WWII. The man in the blue hat is Ralph Jenkins, the man who flew the real "Lassie" in WWII! He spent some time in front of the P-47, answering questions and sharing stories of his experiences- he had some very interesting stories, to say the least! He also talked about their bombing tactics, which were essentially "point the plane at your target, wait until you're about to run into it, release the bombs, and climb like heck!"

    25 Zps88e2b198

    R-2800 Engine Cutaway
    28 Zps9690c524


    29 Zps53d50e3f

    64 Zps937e9718

    The only flyable Il-2 Sturmovik in the world.
    The small hole in the middle of the photo is an actual bullet hole from WWII, left there by the restoration team!

    31 Zps7264c626

    32 Zps09be7303

    35 Zps2773681d

    Hurricane Mk. XII (Canadian-built Mk. I)

    41 Zpsd786779c


    42 Zpsfa0eb147

    45 Zps3a23a604

    47 Zps797a8236

    FlaK 88

    48 Zps7cc0b22a


    50 Zpsc5398592

    53 Zps77fe5991

    63 Zps1df6a5a9


    67 Zps551264c5

    Newly Restored F6F-5, A6M3-22, P-51D, and P-47D

    68 Zpsdc0342ea

    The outside of the new Hangar 2
    69 Zpsf0881096

    I brought my GoPro along as well, and snapped a couple shots with it mounted on a pole (I wish I'd taken a few more with it!)

    70 Zpsad0df899

    71 Zps994592f8


    73 Zps3fbaf3ba

    74 Zps014e93c4

    76 Zpsbf212b17

    80 Zps6e0601ff

    81 Zps0dd0d9fe

    83 Zps5af7944e

    I'm definitely planning on going back to see them fly the planes at least once this summer, where I'll hopefully be able to get some in-flight shots!

    Also, I started work at the Museum of Flight yesterday- I spend most of my time at the admissions desk, but try to spend most of my breaks and free time getting better acquainted with the airplanes. Even the front desk is ok, though, because you can see all of the traffic coming and going on Boeing Field! Today I saw a train carrying 737 fuselages, as well as a P-8 Poseidon taking off! I haven't had the chance to pull out my little point-and-shoot camera, but I keep it close by, just in case!

  • Josh I am so jealous,wonderful shots, keep them coming.

  • Does the museum where you work also have a book shop or a library? One of the benefits when working in a museum in my country is, that you can often get literature for a reduced price or even for free. Moreover many museums have very good non-public libraries for their employes. If the situation in the USA is the same, this could be a golden opportunity to expand your own collection of aviation books. wink

  • What Juri _JS says is usually very true..
    I know both Duggy and Keith knew that the PC I had before this was built on the USS Midway, This Carrier is docked in San Diego and has a wonderful book shop as well as Baseball caps,Jackets,framed pics etc. My friend got me a name tag.. I bought 5 0r 6 really good Aviation books onboard at a reduced price .

  • Wow Beautiful Pics thanks for sharing

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