NEW BF-109G14AS JG53

 e107   07 Oct : 07:55
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This particular aircraft was found parked at a field in Leck at the end of the war. Not a whole lot is known about this aircraft, however photos of it are in good condition and now tell us a lot.

It was probably a rebuild from a G6 or a early G14. Originally, painted in RLM 74/75/76 and shipped to JG53, it was then repainted in Defensive colors as you see it now.


I have made a number of panel line changes and rebuilt the numbering as of of this moment I haven't a clue as to where to find the font. The reason for this is the aircraft was fitted with a tall tail wheel. Pop it into the G-10 C3 slot and off you go.

1024 Scale - I took as much care as I could on this plane so I could see how things turned out on a new Quad Core. To be quite honest about skinning in a larger scale. I really think after all the wonderful Templates and skins made already I'd be nuts to start over again!