NEW BF-109G14AS JG53

 e107   07 Oct : 07:55
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This particular aircraft was found parked at a field in Leck at the end of the war. Not a whole lot is known about this aircraft, however photos of it are in good condition and now tell us a lot.

It was probably a rebuild from a G6 or a early G14. Originally, painted in RLM 74/75/76 and shipped to JG53, it was then repainted in Defensive colors as you see it now.


I have made a number of panel line changes and rebuilt the numbering as of of this moment I haven't a clue as to where to find the font. The reason for this is the aircraft was fitted with a tall tail wheel. Pop it into the G-10 C3 slot and off you go.

1024 Scale - I took as much care as I could on this plane so I could see how things turned out on a new Quad Core. To be quite honest about skinning in a larger scale. I really think after all the wonderful Templates and skins made already I'd be nuts to start over again!



The New Mission Builders HQ

 e107   19 Sep : 02:57
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To better support our Skinners, the new Mission Builders HQ will soon be open to everyone. Staffed by our own campaign gurus, the idea is to help various Skinpack, Campaign and Mod projects. It should be a good one stop shop for everything you need plus a resource for technical support, tutorials and a place to kick around mission ideas.

If you fly offline do yourself a favour and don't miss out!




News on the CBI Air Commando Skinpack: This B-25H, by one of our master-skinners Jarink, is part of the meticulously researched work including Mustangs and Razorbacks. We will put the mission builders to work with this pack soon, but these are some really fine looking B-25s...