• It would appear "Bugs Bunny" was the top hit ?
    B-24D 42-40364 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the 343rd Bomb Sq 98th BG

    B-24D 42-40268 was the second Dopey assigned to the 343rd Bomb Sq 98th BG. Between 28 April and 9 June 1943 she flew twelve missions

    B-24 Liberator sn 41-23795 Sneezy 344th BS 98th BG 9th AF. Flew on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid returning safely to Libya.

    B-24 Liberator 41-11776 Bashful Lost on the 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid.

    B-24 Liberator 41-11761 The Squaw-Sleepy 343rd BS 98th BG 9th AF. Survivor of 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid. Returned to the USA for war bonds tour.

    B-24 Liberator - 4111921 Northern Star-Doc 343 BS 98 BG 9 AF flew on the 1st Aug 43 Ploesti raid returning safely to Benghazi Libya.

    B-24 Liberator sn-41-11825 Hail Columbia-Grumpy survived the 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid crashed on its return to Cyprus and was abandoned.

    B-24D-40-CO Liberator 42-40256 of the 98th Bomb Group 343rd BS Africa 1943. Happy.

    B-24H 42-52425 The Tweachewous Wabbit of the 837th Bomb Squadron 4F-A 487th Bomb Group taking off to the northwest from runway 33 at Army Air Forces Station 137 Lavenham Suffolk England
    B-24H 42-52425 The Tweachewous Wabbit of the 837th Bomb Squadron 4F-A 487th Bomb Group at Lavenham Suffolk England

    B-24 Liberator sn-41-24040 Whats Cooking Doc and crew Pilot Hoover Edwards Co Pilot Homer

    B-17F 42-24525 WHATS COOKIN DOC.
    Captain Donald R. Emerson in his P-51D Mustang with Donald Duck emblem uses 30 degrees of flap while staying with 390th Bomb Group Flying Fortresses.
    Avro lancaster I - Admiral Prune 106 Sq Syerston.
    98 Squadron Mitchell III Grumpy at RAF Dunsfold
    B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed Shawana that was used for weather reconnaissance by the 25th Bomb Group.

    B-17 Flying Fortress serial number 42-30227 nicknamed Wabbit Twacks III at Snetterton Heath 96th Bomb Group.
    B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed Goin My Way of the 490th Bomb Group. Image by Captain Arnold Delmonico photographic officer 490th Bomb Group
    B-17F-45-BO 42-5216 Grim Reaper 97th BG.
    B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed Buggs Bunny of the 490th Bomb Group

    B-17G 42-102918 Idiots Delight of the 342nd Bomb Sq 97th BG went down 19 July 1944
    B-24 Liberator serial number 41-23738 nicknamed Wham Bam of the 453rd Bomb Group used as a flight assembly ship

    B-24 Liberator RT-F serial number 42-94859 nicknamed Do-Jin-Don of the 446th Bomb Group featuring Donald Duck.

    B-17 The Mighty Rabbit 12th AF 301st BG 419th BS.
    B-24 Liberator serial number 41-24040 nicknamed Whats Cookin Doc of the 344th Bomb Group featuring Bugs Bunny

    B-24 Liberator serial number 42-95283 nicknamed Biff Bam featuring Bugs Bunny of the 466th Bomb Group
    B-24 Liberator serial number 41-28943 nicknamed Dumbo The Pistol Packin Pachyderm 453rd BG

    B-24 Liberator serial number 42-110157 nicknamed Whats Cookin Doc featuring Bugs Bunny of the 466th Bomb Group
    B-24 Liberator nicknamed Poop Deck Pappy of the 44th Bomb Group featuring the cartoon character Popeye

    B-24 Thumper II 42-94848 At An 8Th Air Force Base In England. 24 March 1944
    B-24 Liberator nicknamed Thats All Brother of the 467th Bomb Group formerly of the 492nd Bomb Group

    B-24D-West-Pacific. Thumper unit unknown
    B-24H-20-CF s-n 42-50288 Dumbo Code U8-J
    B24H 42-52530 flew with the 791st Sqdn 467th BG 2nd Air Division out of Rackheath England.

    B-24J-140-CO sn 42-110157 Whats Cookin Doc Code U8-A
    B-24J serial 44-40707 Bugs Buggy of the 864th Bomb Sq 494th BG

    B-24J serial 42-73006 Wabbit Twansit of the 431st Bomb Sq 11th BG

    B-25C 41-13167 Pluto of the 12th BG.

    B-26 Marauder serial number 42-107783 nicknamed Thumper II of the 320th Bomb Group 12th Air Force in flight

    B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed Wabash Cannonball of the 91st Bomb Group featuring the Disney character Goofy
    Some German "Dude" in a 109 who's autograph I have
    Boeing B-29-40-BW SN 42-24623 Thumper at Boeing Plant No. 2 on Aug. 7 1945
    /Liberator Mark II AL511 A of No. 108 Squadron RAF crew walk from their aircraft at Fayid Egypt. Note the Dumbo motif painted on the nose.

    Captain Albert W. Dieffenback a bombardier of the 303rd Bomb Group admires Bugs Bunny painted onto the nose of his B-17 Flying Fortress

    Master Sergeant Fred Kuhn and Sergeant Warren T. Allon of the 303rd Bomb Group paints Bugs Bunny onto the nose of a B-17 Flying Fortress.

    Lt John Pope Bryant poses in front of P-47C 41-6234 LM-A Thumbs Up Doc 62nd Fighter Squadron 56th Fighter Group 8th Air Force.

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Thumper AC No. 41-24579 Crash Landed At A Base In England. 303Rd Bomb Group

    May 13 1945-A-26B."Bugs Bunny" cartoon.
    P-38-Pluto-208.Pacific-unit unknown
    P-47 Thunderbolt nose art Happy 486th Fighter Squadron 352nd Fighter Group.

    North american NA-64-Yale North Africa.French Airforce
    Thumper was a Consolidated B-24D-30-CO Liberator sn 42-40073 from the 42nd BS 11th BG 7th AF

    Don McKidden and Luman Morey of the 352nd Fighter Group with a P-47 Thunderbolt PZ-Y serial number 42-76323 nicknamed Sneezy formerly of the 56th Fighter Group.
    Lieutenant Richard De Bruin of the 352nd Fighter Group with a P-47 Thunderbolt PE-T serial number 42-8439 nicknamed Slender Tender and Tall decorated with Bugs Bunny.

    B-24J-45-sn-42-73427-43rd BG-64Th BS Come And Get It.
    B-24J-125-sn-42-109996-90BG-400BS- The Jolly Roger Express.
    B-24M-10-Sn-44-50775-446BG-704BS-Mighty Mouse.
    B-24D1-170-sn-42-72947-90BG-400 BS Pluto.
    /Lt. Edward H. Butch OHare in his Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat giving a thumbs up at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Oahu Hawaii. 10 April 1942."Felix The Cat"

    Junkers Ju87 6-StG 2 Immelmann. "Felix The Cat"
    Boeing-Lockheed Vega YB-40 mid-fuselage art work detail. Note the dorsal turret is set well behind the radio operator compartment fairing.
    P-47 Feeble UK 48 FG Pilot White "Bugs Bunny cartoon" Ilesley

    Influenced by Walter Lantz's "Woody Woodpecker" cartoon character: B-24J serial 42-100224 "Secrut Weapin" assigned to the 98th Bomb Sq, 11th BG. The artwork was applied to both sides of the nose with different views of the character.

    B-17E-13th Air Depot New Caledonia "To Tokyo" Bugs Bunny
    /P-38J 42-67408 Double Trouble assigned to 1LT Donald E. "Bugs" Eberhardt of the 392nd Ftr Sq 367th FG. Eberhardt apparently had an affinity for the Warner Brothers "wascally wabbit".
    Rescue Boat - Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" Of The 6Th Emergency Reserve Squadron Equipped With Radar Unit. Notice The Attached Rescue Boat, Used To Rescue Crews Shot Down At Sea. Florida Blanca Airstrip, Luzon, Philippine Islands - 27 June 1945."Bugs Bunny emblem"
    B-17 North Africa "Superman"
    B-17G 42-31367 "Chow-Hound" (coded LG-R) of the 322nd Bomb Sq, 91st BG, Bassingbourn.
    Appropriate nose art for the B-25D hack used by BGEN Ernest Mickey Moore commander of 7th Fighter Command

    Liberator 'Goofy' just before taking off with India's pioneer heavy bombing squadron to attack Maymyo, an important Burma rail yard and supply route for Japanese troops. 12 May 1944

    Avro Anson at the Navigation and Reconnaissance School. RNZAF Station, New Plymouth..jpg
    Avro Anson Donald Duck RNZAF

    'Popeye III' nose art on Dakota NZ3501. Unknown location.

    Avenger NZ2509. RNZAF Station, Whenuapai. Nose art is Grumpy (one of the Seven Dwarfs) holding a bomb.

    Flight Lieutenant JAA Gibson sitting in the cockpit of his No. 457 Squadron Spitfire BL384 BP-N, in a revetment.

    Avenger NZ1520 with the nose art of the Disney character 'Dumbo' riding a bomb and "We Never Miss". RNZAF Station Whenuapai.

    Royal Navy Air Squadron at NAS, Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Pilot is shown in cockpit of F4U that as J Gosling, NATC, Pensacola
     Pilot Is Shown In Cockpit Of F4U That Has J Gosling NATC Pensacola

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