• extract from 303rd BG website
    23 jan 43, mission to Lorient : 41-24606 Werewolf 358BS: Lt. Oxrider ordered his crew of nine to bail out over the south coast of England after limping home with only one engine operating. He landed Werewolf on the grounds of a mental hospital at Dawlish. It was originally thought to be beyond repair. The VIII Service command later decided to repair the B-17 and fly it out. They changed three engines, and cleared trees, walls, and hedges to make a 2,500 foot runway. The take-off was successful and it was flown to Honington Air Depot for further major repairs. On 22 April, after repairs were completed, it was transferred to 91BG/401BS where it remained for two months. There were no bailout or mission injuries.
    Below covered with camouflage netting on the hospital grounds
    Below view of the makeshift runway
    Below repair work
    Below being wheeled into position for take-off
    Below airborne
    Below safe at Honnington

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