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    the first mod pack for 4.11 ... smile

  • If the readme file is correct, they have removed two stock planes, the MiG-3ud and the Bf-109G-6/AS. A very bad idea, it will make a lot of missions and campaigns for the stock game incompatible with HSFX.
    I hope it is just a typo. Can someone who downloaded HSFX check if the planes are really missing?

  • i think the G6AS is the G6 ASN from the Bf 109 mod pack - perhaps

  • If the readme file is correct, they have removed two stock planes, the MiG-3ud and the Bf-109G-6/AS. A very bad idea, it will make a lot of missions and campaigns for the stock game incompatible with HSFX.
    I hope it is just a typo. Can someone who downloaded HSFX check if the planes are really missing?


    Here is the air.ini which was posted from KampfgruppeKarl:


    A-20DB7 air.A_20B 1 usa01 SUMMER
    A-20C air.A_20C 1 usa01 SUMMER
    A-20G air.A_20G 1 usa01 DESERT
    B-17D air.B_17D 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    B-17E air.B_17E 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    B-17F air.B_17F 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    B-17G air.B_17G 1 usa01 DESERT
    B-17Gmod air.B_17GMOD 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    B-24J air.B_24J 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    B-24J-100-CF air.B_24J100 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-29 air.B_29 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    B-29-SP air.B_29SP 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    B-25C-25NA air.B_25C25 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-25D-5NC air.B_25D5 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-25D-20NC air.B_25D20 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-25G-1NA air.B_25G1 1 usa01 DESERT
    B-25H-1NA air.B_25H1 1 usa01 DESERT
    B-25J-1NA air.B_25J1 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-25J-15NA air.B_25J15 1 usa01 SUMMER
    B-25J-22NA air.B_25J22 1 usa01 SUMMER
    BeaufighterMkI air.BEAUMKI 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    BeaufighterMk21 air.BEAU21 1 gb01 DESERT
    BeaufighterMkX air.BEAU10 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    BlenheimMkIF air.BLENHEIM1F 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    BlenheimMkIV air.BLENHEIM4 1 gb01 DESERT
    BlenheimMkIVF air.BLENHEIM4F 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    BI-1 air.BI_1 1 r01 SUMMER
    BI-6 air.BI_6 1 r01 SUMMER
    BuffaloMkI air.F2A_B339 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    C-47 air.C_47 1 usa01 DESERT
    C-47B air.C_47B 1 usa01 DESERT
    CW-21 air.CW_21 1 NOINFO du01 SUMMER
    DB-3b air.IL_4_DB3B 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    DB-3M air.IL_4_DB3M 1 r01 WINTER
    DB-3T air.IL_4_DB3T 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    DB-3F air.IL_4_DB3F 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    U-2TM air.U_2TM 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    F2A-2 air.F2A2 1 usa01 DESERT
    F4F-3 air.F4F3 1 usa01 DESERT
    F4F-4 air.F4F4 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    FM-2 air.F4F_FM2 1 usa01 DESERT
    F4U-1 air.F4U1 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    F4U-1A air.F4U1A 1 usa01 DESERT
    F4U-1C air.F4U1C 1 usa01 DESERT
    F4U-1D air.F4U1D 1 usa01 DESERT
    CorsairMkI air.F4UCORSAIR1 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    CorsairMkII air.F4UCORSAIR2 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    CorsairMkIV air.F4UCORSAIR4 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    F6F-3 air.F6F3 1 usa01 DESERT
    F6F-5 air.F6F5 1 usa01 DESERT
    F-80A air.F_80A 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    F-80C air.F_80C 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    F84G1_ThunderJet air.F84G1 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    F84G2_ThunderJet air.F84G2 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    F-86A5 air.F_86A5 1 usa01 SUMMER
    F-86F25E air.F_86F_25E 1 usa01 SUMMER
    F-86F25L air.F_86F_25L 1 usa01 SUMMER
    F9F2_Panther air.F9F2 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    FaireyBattle air.BattleMkII 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    FulmarMkI air.Fulmar1 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    G-11 air.G_11 1 NOQUICK r01 SUMMER
    GladiatorMkI air.GLADIATOR1 1 gb01 SUMMER
    GladiatorMkII air.GLADIATOR2 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HalifaxBMkIII air.HalifaxBMkIII 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIearly air.HurricaneMkIearly 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIb air.HurricaneMkIb 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIa air.HurricaneMkIIa 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIb air.HurricaneMkIIb 1 gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIbB air.HurricaneMkIIbBomber 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIbMod air.HurricaneMkIIbMod 1 gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIbModDZZ air.HurricaneMkIIbMod_DZZ 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIc air.HurricaneMkIIc 1 gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIIcB air.HurricaneMkIIcBomber 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkIId air.HurricaneMkIId 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    HurricaneMkIV air.HurricaneMkIV 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    I-15_m22 air.I_15_m22 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-15_m25 air.I_15_m25 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-15bis air.I_15BIS 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-15bis_Skis air.I_15BIS_SKIS 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    I-153M62 air.I_153_M62 1 r01 SUMMER
    I-153P air.I_153P 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-153_2BS air.I_153_2BS 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-153_2SHKAS_BS air.I_153_2SHKAS_BS 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-153_fin air.I_153_fin 2 NOINFO f01 SUMMER
    I-16type5 air.I_16TYPE5 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type5_SPB air.I_16TYPE5_SPB 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type5_Skis air.I_16TYPE5_SKIS 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    I-16type6 air.I_16TYPE6 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type6_Skis air.I_16TYPE6_SKIS 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    I-16type10 air.I_16TYPE10 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type10WC air.I_16TYPE10WC 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type17 air.I_16TYPE17 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type18 air.I_16TYPE18 1 r01 SUMMER
    I-16type18-BS air.I_16TYPE18_BS 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type24 air.I_16TYPE24 1 r01 SUMMER
    I-16type27 air.I_16TYPE27 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type28 air.I_16TYPE28 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type29 air.I_16TYPE29 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-16type24_SPB air.I_16TYPE24DRONE 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-185M-71 air.I_185M71 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-185M-82A air.I_185M82A 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    I-250 air.I_250 1 r01 SUMMER
    IK-3 air.IK_3 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Il-2_1940_Early air.IL_2_1940Early 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-2_1940_Late air.IL_2_1940Late 1 r01 WINTER
    Il-2_1941_Early air.IL_2_1941Early 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-2_1941_Late air.IL_2_1941Late 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-2I air.IL_2I 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-2M_Early air.IL_2MEarly 1 r01 WINTER
    Il-2M_Late air.IL_2MLate 1 r01 WINTER
    Il-2T air.IL_2T 1 r01 WINTER
    Il-2_3 air.IL_2Type3 1 r01 DESERT
    Il-2_M3 air.IL_2Type3M 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-4 air.IL_4_IL4 1 r01 SUMMER
    Il-10 air.IL_10 1 r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series1 air.LAGG_3SERIES1 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series4 air.LAGG_3SERIES4 1 r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series11 air.LAGG_3SERIES11 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series29 air.LAGG_3SERIES29 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series35 air.LAGG_3SERIES35 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    LaGG-3IT air.LAGG_3IT 1 r01 SUMMER
    LaGG-3series66 air.LAGG_3SERIES66 1 r01 SUMMER
    La-5 air.LA_5 1 r01 SUMMER
    La-5F_Early air.LA_5FEarly 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    La-5F air.LA_5F 1 r01 WINTER
    La-5FN air.LA_5FN 1 r01 SUMMER
    La-7 air.LA_7 1 r01 SUMMER
    La-73xB20 air.LA_7B20 1 r01 SUMMER
    La-7R air.LA_7R 1 r01 SUMMER
    Li-2 air.LI_2 1 r01 SUMMER
    Magister air.MagisterM14A NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    MBR-2-AM-34 air.MBR_2AM34 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-3 air.MIG_3EARLY 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-3ud air.MIG_3UD 1 r01 WINTER
    MiG-3-2xUB air.MIG_3UB 1 r01 WINTER
    MiG-3-2xShVAK air.MIG_3SHVAK 1 r01 WINTER
    MiG-3-AM-38 air.MIG_3AM38 1 r01 WINTER
    MiG-3U air.MIG_3U 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-9protoF-2 air.MIG_9_I_300 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-9FS air.MIG_9FS 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-15(bis) air.Mig_15bis 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-15(bis)late air.Mig_15bislate 1 r01 SUMMER
    MiG-17 air.Mig_17F 1 r01 SUMMER
    MosquitoBMkIV air.MOSQUITO4 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    MosquitoFBMkVI air.MOSQUITO6 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    MosquitoBMkXVI air.MOSQUITO16 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    MosquitoMkXVIII air.MOSQUITO18 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    P_11c air.P_11C 1 pl01 SUMMER
    P-26 air.P_26 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    P2V5_Neptune air.P2V5 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    H_75A2 air.H75_A2 1 NOINFO fr01 SUMMER
    P-36A-3 air.P_36A3 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-36A-4 air.P_36A4 1 usa01 DESERT
    H75MO4 air.H75MOIV 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    P-38F-1-LO air.P_38F1LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38G-5-LO air.P_38G5LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38G-10-LO air.P_38G10LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38G-15-LO air.P_38G15LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38H-5-LO air.P_38H5LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38DroopSnoot air.P_38DroopSnoot 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-38J air.P_38J 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38J-10-LO air.P_38J10LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38J-15-LO air.P_38J15LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38J-25-LO air.P_38J25LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38L-5-LO air.P_38L5LO 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38L air.P_38L 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-38L_Late air.P_38LLate 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    P-400 air.P_400 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-39D1 air.P_39D1 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-39D2 air.P_39D2 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-39N1 air.P_39N 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-39Q-1 air.P_39Q1 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-39Q-10 air.P_39Q10 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-40B air.P_40SUKAISVOLOCHB 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-40C air.P_40SUKAISVOLOCHC 1 usa01 DESERT
    TomahawkMkIIa air.P_40SUKAISVOLOCH2A 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    TomahawkMkIIb air.P_40SUKAISVOLOCH2B 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    P-40E air.P_40E 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-40E-M-105 air.P_40EM105 1 r01 WINTER
    P-40M air.P_40M 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-47D-10 air.P_47D10 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-47D-22 air.P_47D22 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    P-47D-27 air.P_47D27 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-47D air.P_47D 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    P-51A air.P_51A 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    P-51B-NA air.P_51B 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-51C-NT air.P_51C 1 usa01 DESERT
    P-51D-5NT air.P_51D5NT 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    P-51D-20NA air.P_51D20NA 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-51D-20NT air.P_51D20NT 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-51D-25NA air.P_51D25NA 1 usa01 SUMMER
    P-51D-30NA air.P_51D30NA 1 usa01 SUMMER
    F-51D-30NA air.F_51D30NA 1 usa01 SUMMER
    MustangMkI air.MustangMkI 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    MustangIII air.P_51CM 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    P-61A_Late air.P61_ALate 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    P-61B air.P61_B 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    P-63C air.P_63C 1 usa01 DESERT
    PBN-1 air.PBN1 1 usa01 DESERT
    PBY-5 air.PBY 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    Pe-2series1 air.PE_2SERIES1 1 r01 SUMMER
    Pe-2series84 air.PE_2SERIES84 1 r01 WINTER
    Pe-2series110 air.PE_2SERIES110 1 r01 SUMMER
    Pe-2series359 air.PE_2SERIES359 1 r01 WINTER
    Pe-3series1 air.PE_3SERIES1 1 r01 SUMMER
    Pe-3bis air.PE_3BIS 1 r01 WINTER
    Pe-8 air.PE_8 1 r01 SUMMER
    PWS-10 air.PWS_10 1 NOINFO pl01 SUMMER
    PWS-26 air.PWS_26 1 NOINFO pl01 SUMMER
    PZL23B air.PZL23B 1 pl01 SUMMER
    PZL42 air.PZL42 1 pl01 SUMMER
    R-5 air.R_5 1 r01 SUMMER
    R-5_skis air.R_5_SKIS 1 r01 SUMMER
    R-10 air.R_10 1 r01 SUMMER
    RWD_8 air.RWD_8 1 NOINFO pl01 SUMMER
    RWD-10 air.RWD_10 1 pl01 SUMMER
    R-XIIID air.R_XIIID 1 pl01 SUMMER
    R-XIIITer air.R_XIIITer 1 pl01 SUMMER
    R-XIIITerh air.R_XIIITerh 1 pl01 SUMMER
    RadarControlChainHome air.RadarControlChainHome 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    RadarControlChainHomeLate air.RadarControlChainHome_Late 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    SB_2M-100A air.SB_2M100A 1 r01 SUMMER
    SB_2M-103 air.SB_2M103 1 r01 SUMMER
    SBD-3 air.SBD3 1 usa01 DESERT
    SBD-3s air.SBD3s 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    SBD-5 air.SBD5 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    SeafireMkI air.SEAFIRE1 1 NOINFO 1830sq SUMMER
    SeafireMkII air.SEAFIRE2C 1 NOINFO 1830sq SUMMER
    SeafireMkII4xH air.SEAFIRE2C4 1 NOINFO 1830sq SUMMER
    SeafireMkIII air.SEAFIRE3 1 1830sq DESERT
    SeafireFMkIII air.SEAFIRE3F 1 NOINFO 1830sq DESERT
    SeaFuryMkI air.SeaFuryMkI 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SeaGladiatorMkII air.SEAGLADIATOR2 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SeaHurricaneMkIb air.SeaHurricaneMkIb 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SeaHurricaneMkIIc air.SeaHurricaneMkIIc 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SpitfireMkI air.SPITFIRE1 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIb air.SPITFIRE1B 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIIa air.SPITFIRE2A 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIIb air.SPITFIRE2B 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVa air.SPITFIRE5A 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVb air.SPITFIRE5B 1 gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVb12lbs air.SPITFIRE5B12LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVb16lbs air.SPITFIRE5B16LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVbLF air.SPITFIRE5BLF 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVbM4616lbs air.SPITFIRE5BM4616LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVc air.SPITFIRE5C2 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVc16lbs air.SPITFIRE5C216LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVc4xH air.SPITFIRE5C4 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkVIII air.SPITFIRE8 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SpitfireMkIXcM61 air.SPITFIRE9M61 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIXcM63 air.SPITFIRE9M63 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIXc air.SPITFIRE9C 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIXe air.SPITFIRE9E 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIX25lbs air.SPITFIRE925LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkIX25lbsCLP air.SPITFIRE925LBSCW 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SPITXIIearly air.SPITFIREXIIclpearly 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkXII air.SPITFIRE12 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SpitfireMkXIVC air.SPITFIRE14C 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    SpitfireMkXVIe25 air.SPITFIRE16E25 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    SpitfireMkXVIeCLP25 air.SPITFIRE16ECLP25 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    L-5_Sentinel air.L_5 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    Su-2 air.SU_2 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    SwordfishMkI air.Swordfish1 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    T6_Texan air.AT6 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    TempestMkV air.TEMPEST5 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    TempestMkV11Lbs air.TEMPEST511LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    TempestMkV13Lbs air.TEMPEST513LBS 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    TB-3_4M-17 air.TB_3_4M_17 1 r01 SUMMER
    TB-3_4M-34R air.TB_3_4M_34R 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    TB-3_4M-34R_SPB air.TB_3_4M_34R_SPB 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    TB-7_M40F air.PE_8_M40F r01 SUMMER
    TBD-1 air.TBD1 1 NOINFO usa01 SUMMER
    TBF-1 air.TBF1 1 usa01 DESERT
    TBF-1C air.TBF1C 1 usa01 DESERT
    TBM1 air.TBM1 1 NOINFO usa01 DESERT
    TBM-3 air.TBM3 1 usa01 DESERT
    AvengerMkIII air.TBM3AVENGER3 1 NOINFO gb01 DESERT
    Tu-2S air.TU_2S 1 r01 SUMMER
    TyphoonMkIB air.TYPHOON1B 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    TyphoonMkIBLate air.TYPHOON1BLate 1 NOINFO gb01 SUMMER
    U-2VS air.U_2VS 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-1 air.YAK_1 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-1PF air.YAK_1PF 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-1PFLight air.YAK_1PFLight 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-1B_Early air.YAK_1BEarly 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-1B air.YAK_1B 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-3 air.YAK_3 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-3bsf air.YAK_3bsf 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-3P air.YAK_3P 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-3R air.YAK_3R 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-3VK-107 air.YAK_3VK107 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-7A air.YAK_7A 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    Yak-7B air.YAK_7B 1 r01 WINTER
    Yak-7B_late air.YAK_7B_late 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    Yak-7BPF air.YAK_7BPF 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    Yak-7UTI air.YAK_7UTI 1 NOINFO r01 WINTER
    Yak-9 air.YAK_9 1 r01 WINTER
    Yak-9B air.YAK_9B 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9D air.YAK_9D 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9DD air.YAK_9DD 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9K air.YAK_9K 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9M_Early air.YAK_9MEarly 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9M air.YAK_9M 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9T air.YAK_9T 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9U_Early air.YAK_9UEarly 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9U air.YAK_9U 1 r01 SUMMER
    Yak-9UT air.YAK_9UT 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER
    Yak-15 air.YAK_15 1 r01 SUMMER
    P-80A air.P_80A 1 usa01 SUMMER
    Z-26 air.Z26 1 NOINFO r01 SUMMER

    A5M4 air.A5M4 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M2 air.A6M2 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M2-21 air.A6M2_21 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M2-21_Late air.A6M2_21Late 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M2-N air.A6M2N 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M3 air.A6M3 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M3-22 air.A6M3_22 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M3a-22ko air.A6M3a_22ko 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M3-32 air.A6M3_32 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M3-32kai air.A6M3_32kai 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M5 air.A6M5 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M5a air.A6M5A 2 ja01 DESERT
    A6M5b air.A6M5B 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M5c air.A6M5C 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M7_Model62 air.A6M7_62 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    A6M7_Model63 air.A6M7_63 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ar-196A-3 air.AR_196A3 2 g01 SUMMER
    Ar-234B-2 air.AR_234B2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Ar-234B-2NJ air.AR_234B2NJ 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    B5N2 air.B5N2 2 ja01 DESERT
    B6N2 air.B6N2 2 ja01 SUMMER
    B-239 air.F2A_B239 2 f01 WINTER
    AviaB534 air.AVIA_B534 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    AviaBk534 air.AVIA_Bk534 2 g01 SUMMER
    AviaB-71 air.Avia_B_71 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    S-199 air.S_199 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109B-1 air.BF_109B1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109B-2 air.BF_109B2 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109C-1 air.BF_109C1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109D-1 air.BF_109D1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-1 air.BF_109E1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-1/B air.BF_109E1B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-3 air.BF_109E3 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-3/B air.BF_109E3B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-4 air.BF_109E4 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-4/B air.BF_109E4B 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-4N air.BF_109E4N 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-4_Trop air.BF_109E4_Trop 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-7 air.BF_109E7 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-7N air.BF_109E7N 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-7N_Trop air.BF_109E7N_Trop 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109E-7Z air.BF_109E7NZ 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109F-1 air.BF_109F1 2 NOINFO g01 WINTER
    Bf-109F-2 air.BF_109F2 2 g01 WINTER
    Bf-109F-2/B air.BF_109F2B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109F-4 air.BF_109F4 2 g01 WINTER
    Bf-109F-4/B air.BF_109F4B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109F-4Z air.BF_109F4Z 2 NOINFO g01 WINTER
    Bf-109F-5 air.BF_109F5 2 NOINFO g01 WINTER
    Bf-109F-6 air.BF_109F6 2 NOINFO g01 WINTER
    Bf-109G-1 air.BF_109G1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-2 air.BF_109G2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-4 air.BF_109G4 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-5 air.BF_109G5 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-6_Erla air.BF_109G6Erla 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-6_Mid air.BF_109G6Mid 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-6_Late air.BF_109G6Late 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-6AS air.BF_109G6AS 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-8 air.BF_109G8 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-10_Erla air.BF_109G10Erla 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-10 air.BF_109G10 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-10C3 air.BF_109G10C3 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-14 air.BF_109G14 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109G-14AS air.BF_109G14AS 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109K-4 air.BF_109K4 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109K-4C3 air.BF_109K4C3 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109K-6 air.BF_109K6 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109K-14 air.BF_109K14 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-109Z air.BF_109Z 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110C-1 air.BF_110C1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110C-4 air.BF_110C4 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110C-4B air.BF_110C4B 2 g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110C-7 air.BF_110C7 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110D-3 air.BF_110D3 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110E-1 air.BF_110E1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110F-2 air.BF_110F2 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Bf-110G-2 air.BF_110G2 2 g01 SUMMER
    BF-110-G4 air.BF_110G4 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    BlenheimMkI air.BLENHEIM1 2 f01 WINTER
    Breda65 air.Breda65 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    CantZ-506 air.CantZ506B 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    CantZ1007bis air.CantZ1007bis 2 i01 SUMMER
    CR_42 air.CR_42 2 h01 SUMMER
    D3A1 air.D3A1 2 ja01 DESERT
    D3A2 air.D3A2 2 NOINFO ja01 SUMMER
    D4Y2 air.D4Y2 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    D4Y2S air.D4Y2S 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    D4Y3 air.D4Y3 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    D4Y3S air.D4Y3S 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Do-17Z-0 air.Do17Z_0 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Do-17Z-2 air.Do17Z_2 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Do-217K-1 air.Do217_K1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Do-217K-2 air.Do217_K2 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Do-335A-0 air.DO_335A0 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Do-335V-13 air.DO_335V13 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fi-156 air.FI_156 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-189A-2 air.FW_189A2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-2 air.FW_190A2 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-3 air.FW_190A3 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-4 air.FW_190A4 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-4FR air.FW_190A4FR 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-5 air.FW_190A5 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-5165ATA air.FW_190A5165ATA 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-5U14 air.FW_190A5U14 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-6 air.FW_190A6 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    FW-190A-6R8 air.FW_190A6LULU 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-7 air.FW_190A7 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-7STURM air.FW_190A7STURM 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-8 air.FW_190A8 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-8R11 air.FW_190A8R11 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-8Mistel air.FW_190A8MSTL 2 NOQUICK NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190A-9 air.FW_190A9 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190D-9 air.FW_190D9 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190D-9_Late air.FW_190D9LATE 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190D-11 air.FW_190D11 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190D-13 air.FW_190D13 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190F-2 air.FW_190F2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190F-8 air.FW_190F8 2 g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190G-8 air.FW_190G8 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    FW-200C-3U4 air.FW_200C3U4 2 g01 SUMMER
    G_50 air.G50 2 f01 SUMMER
    G-55 air.G_55 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    G-55-Late air.G_55_Late 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    G-55_ss0 air.G_55_ss0 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    G-55_ss0-Late air.G_55_ss0_Late 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    G4M1_11 air.G4M1_11 2 ja01 DESERT
    G4M1_Type1 air.G4M1_Type1 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    G4M2E air.G4M2E 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Go-229A-1 air.GO_229A1 2 g01 SUMMER
    H8K1 air.H8K1 2 ja01 DESERT
    He-111H-2 air.HE_111H2 2 g01 SUMMER
    He-111H-6 air.HE_111H6 2 g01 WINTER
    He-111H-12 air.HE_111H12 2 g01 SUMMER
    He-111Z air.HE_111Z 2 g01 WINTER
    He-162A-2 air.HE_162A2 2 g01 SUMMER
    He-162C air.HE_162C 2 g01 SUMMER
    He-162B air.HE_162B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    HurricaneMkI air.HurricaneMkIa 2 f01 WINTER
    HS-123A-1 air.HS_123A1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    HS-123B-1 air.HS_123B1 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Hs-129B-2 air.HS_129B2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Hs-129B-3/Wa air.HS_129B3Wa 2 g01 SUMMER
    P_11f air.P_11F 2 ro01 SUMMER
    IAR80 air.IAR_80 2 ro01 SUMMER
    IAR81a air.IAR_81A 2 ro01 SUMMER
    IAR81c air.IAR_81C 2 NOINFO ro01 SUMMER
    J2M3 air.J2M3 2 ja01 DESERT
    J2M3-21 air.J2M3_21 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    J2M5 air.J2M5 2 ja01 DESERT
    J2M5-33 air.J2M5_33 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    J7W1 air.J7W1 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ju-52/3mg5e air.JU_52_3MG5E 2 NOINFO g01 WINTER
    Ju-52/3mg4e air.JU_52_3MG4E 2 g01 WINTER
    Ju-87B-2 air.JU_87B2 2 g01 SUMMER
    Ju-87D-3 air.JU_87D3 2 g01 SUMMER
    Ju-87D-5 air.JU_87D5 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Ju-87G-1 air.JU_87G1 2 g01 WINTER
    Ju-88A-4 air.JU_88A4 2 g01 WINTER
    Ju-88A-4_Torp air.JU_88A4torp 2 g01 WINTER
    Ju-88A-17 air.JU_88A17 2 g01 WINTER
    Ju-88C-6 air.JU_88C6 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Ju-88Mistel air.JU_88MSTL 2 NOQUICK g01 SUMMER
    Ki-21-I air.KI_21_I 2 ja01 SUMMER
    Ki-21-II air.KI_21_II 2 ja01 SUMMER
    Ki-27-Ko air.KI_27_KO 2 ja01 SUMMER
    Ki-27-Otsu air.KI_27_OTSU 2 NOINFO ja01 SUMMER
    Ki-43-Ia air.KI_43_IA 2 ja01 DESERT
    Ki-43-Ib air.KI_43_IB 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-43-Ic air.KI_43_IC 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-43-II air.KI_43_II 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-43-II-Kai air.KI_43_IIKAI 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-43-III-Ko air.KI_43_IIIKO 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-44-II-Ko air.KI_44_IIKO 2 NOINFO ja01 SUMMER
    Ki-45-Hei air.KI_45_HEI 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-45-Tei air.KI_45_TEI 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-46-Otsu air.KI_46_OTSU 2 ja01 DESERT
    Ki-46-Otsu-Hei air.KI_46_OTSUHEI 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-46-Recce air.KI_46_RECCE 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-61-I-Ko air.KI_61_IKO 2 ja01 DESERT
    Ki-61-I-Hei air.KI_61_IHEI 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-61-I-Otsu air.KI_61_IOTSU 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-84-Ia air.KI_84_IA 2 ja01 DESERT
    Ki-84-Ib air.KI_84_IB 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    Ki-84-Ic air.KI_84_IC 2 ja01 DESERT
    Ki-100-I-Ko air.KI_100_IKO 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    L2D air.L2D 2 ja01 DESERT
    MC-200series1 air.MC_200_1 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-200series3 air.MC_200_3 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-200series7 air.MC_200_7 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-200series7FB air.MC_200_7FB 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-202 air.MC_202 2 i01 SUMMER
    MC-202_III air.MC_202_3 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-202_VII air.MC_202_7 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-202_XII air.MC_202_12 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-205_I air.MC_205_1 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-205_III air.MC_205_3 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    MC-205_IIIV air.MC_205_3V 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    Me-163B-1a air.ME_163B1A 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-210Ca-1 air.ME_210CA1 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-210Ca-1ZSTR air.ME_210CA1ZSTR 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-262A-1a air.ME_262A1A 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-262A-1aU4 air.ME_262A1AU4 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Me-262A-2a air.ME_262A2A 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-262HG-II air.ME_262HGII 2 g01 SUMMER
    Me-321 air.ME_321 2 NOQUICK g01 SUMMER
    Me-323 air.ME_323 2 g01 SUMMER
    ME-410-A air.ME_410A 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    ME-410-B air.ME_410B 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    MS406 air.MS406 2 f01 WINTER
    MS410 air.MS410 2 f01 WINTER
    MS-Morko air.MSMORKO 2 f01 WINTER
    MXY-7-11 air.MXY_7 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    N1K1-J air.N1K1J 2 ja01 DESERT
    N1K1-Ja air.N1K1JA 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    N1K2-Ja air.N1K2JA 2 ja01 DESERT
    N1K2-Ja-21a air.N1K2JA_21a 2 NOINFO ja01 DESERT
    RE-2000 air.RE_2000 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    RE-2002 air.RE_2002 2 i01 SUMMER
    SM-75 air.SM75 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    SM-79 air.SM79i 2 NOINFO i01 SUMMER
    S-328 air.LetovS_328 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    S-328N air.LetovS_328N 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Ta-152C air.TA_152C 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Ta-152H-1 air.TA_152H1 2 g01 SUMMER
    Ta-183 air.TA_183 2 g01 SUMMER
    Kubelwagen air.Kubelwagen 2 NOQUICK NOINFO g01 SUMMER

    Durand_Yak-9T air.YAK_9TALBERT 1 NOINFO
    Safonovs_I-16_24 air.I_16TYPE24SAFONOV 1 NOINFO
    Pokryshkins_MiG-3 air.MIG_3POKRYSHKIN 1 NOINFO
    Pokryshkins_P-39N1 air.P_39NPOKRYSHKIN 1 NOINFO
    Rechkalovs_P-39Q15 air.P_39Q15RECHKALOV 1 NOINFO
    Kojedubs_La-7 air.LA_7KOJEDUB 1 NOINFO

    Galland_Bf-109F2 air.BF_109F2Galland 2 NOINFO
    Graf_Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6GRAF 2 NOINFO
    Hartmann_Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6HARTMANN 2 NOINFO
    Hans_Rudels_Ju-87G-2 air.JU_87G2RUDEL 2 NOINFO
    Heppes_Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6HEPPES 2 NOINFO
    Kovacs_Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6KOVACS 2 NOINFO
    Molnar_Bf-109G-6 air.BF_109G6MOLNAR 2 NOINFO
    Fabian_Bf-109G-10 air.BF_109G10FABIAN 2 NOINFO
    Nowotnys_Me-262A-1a air.ME_262A1ANOWOTNY 2 NOINFO

    it looks like the G6AS is still included, the plane list is very interesting, i think will download this mod pack when there is time, looks promising


  • I can't see the Lancaster and B-26, I had hoped they would include them. Now I am curious how the plane list of the new UP will look like.

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