• Hi guys,

    i just found a way to make rivets more realistic in my old eyes and want to share my new way with you.
    Most of us do it with white and black dots - i did the same for a couple of years - but i was playing with bevel and emboss since 2 years.

    Ok let's start.
    You guys know, i make my templates in 4096 all the time, so the brush-size is here 4 pixel.
    For this small tutorial i created 2 layers - "rivet tut finish" and "rivet tut bevel".

    Step 1
    Go to the layer-settings and select bevel and emboss.
    Select the Relief-option and pull the slider for the size to zero.
    The angle is here very important - i try to set it to the cockpit anytime.
    It is a lot of work, i know that, but imo the result is awesome.

    Screenshot 3649kuhf

    Step 2
    Select the space between the dots and make here your brush-size.
    Here in my example it is 4pix and a space of 450. The colour is also important - don't use white or black, try a bright grey or like in
    my example RLM 02.

    Screenshot 36504ubl

    Step 3
    Draw your rivets now.
    At this point a small advice - draw your rivets in two layers, one for the horizontal and one for the verticals.
    So you can better remove the rivets, which are too much or on top of each other.

    Screenshot 3664eucz

    Step 4
    The rivets stick up too much, so we have to copy the "rivet tut bevel"-layer and disable the effects at the layer-settings.

    Screenshot 367xwu60

    Step 5
    Now we put the original "rivet tut bevel"-layer together with the "rivet tut finish"-layer.

    Screenshot 368aru0s

    Step 6
    Now put the copy together with the "rivet tut finish"-layer. REMEMBER, the effects have to be disabled!

    Screenshot 369upucx

    Step 7
    We go now to the layer-settings, there is a field which is called "Normal". Open the scroll down menu and set the settings to
    "Copy into each other"

    Screenshot 370qtumh

    Now you can see the result - it doesn't matter what colour is below the rivets,
    with this technique they will look painted in the correct colour.

    Screenshot 371dzuar

    Step 8
    For making the rivets really nice, we copy the layer, here it is "rivet tut finish shaddows"
    and put it below the "rivet tut finish"-layer.

    Screenshot 372w9u11

    Step 9
    Now press "CTRL+U" and move the slider for the brightness full to the left.

    Screenshot 373eouea
    Step 10
    Select the Gausian blure and set it to 2 pixel.

    Screenshot 374bxun8
    Screenshot 375vbuaz

    Step 11
    Make now a seletion on the "rivet tut finish"-layer, but make sure you are in the shaddows-layer.

    Screenshot 376dguz7

    Step 12
    Press "DELETE" now.
    Play with the opacity of the shaddows-layer until you are happy.
    Here is the final result:

    Screenshot 3775buux

    I hope you can use it, if not, don't let me know. tongue

  • thx Mario for posting this tutorial, very usefull

  • Glad you like it Detlef.
    I know it is a lot of work, but if you have some practice, it is done pretty quick.

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