• Hi Graf smile

    Well! I belive DBW 1.7 TFM ( the full monty) for now are the ultimate pack for the Offline player.
    It just have it all. AC, Maps , Skins, Sound, Effects and among the most high quality campains you can find.
    However it demands quite a bit of HD space to install and some time first you start to patch and install it to latest version.
    It's very simpel but take some time to do. Read more at Montys Corner on Member forum. This is my absolut favorit version of il2.

    I also keep one clean original version of IL2 1946 patched up from Teeam Diablo (TD) to Version 4.11.1m.
    TD are now soon to releas a new patch 4.12. I do not fly this one much but think it's important to have if the
    MOD community eventually start to MOD this version as they did with 4.09m and 4.10.
    4.12 will have some realy nice features built in to it.
    If ??? Monty and friends make a TFM pack for this one wee just have to wait and see..Just hope they will.. amazed.

    By the way. I'm a great fan of all your fantastic art work, specialy your BF110 skins. Also keep many of your WWII AC arts as favorit desktop screens on my PC,s. Realy hope it will be more of that. cheesey

    Good luck and good hunting with your new IL2 version.

    1358446511 130 FT4460 Bf110 Nightfight 029

    Best regards Odin1one.

  • I have to agree with Odin1one.

    Optional 2 installs at present -

    Main Install:
    4.101 with DBW and TFM for EVERYTHING possible so far.

    4.111 with HSFX and the new TD stuff if you fly online, and also a good setup to have for future developments and trying out new patches, features etc.

    Now this is of course, only my humble opinion. I know there are HSFX flyers out there too and advice for Graf is welcome. Bear in mind his flight status and let him in gently... cheesey

  • Eric,
    been watching this thread and would like to make a suggestion if you are mostly a offline flyer.
    Download "The Full Monty"
    I't is for sure a great add on for DBW . I think the best.
    If you follow instructions to the letter you wont have any problem at all. I'll ask Monty to help you get started,and I can also help and assist. I have been modded for close to 4 months ,and never once had a problem or a crash.
    Get in touch and we will help you get going. Hey!! Evening Monty

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