Greetings to you all! I hope the year has started well to you all. It's my pleasure to introduce you the NEW 1024 rez template for one of the essential war winning aircraft of WWII, the famous Hawker Typhoon.
    HawkerTyphoon Zps202a29e4

    This is a 1024 resolution template made for the Hawker Typhoon of the Il-2 Sturmovik 1946 v.4.12 + HSFX7.0 or later, DBW and other possible mods including this Typhoon mod version. It will unfortunately not work with stock Il-2 1946 4.12.


    This Template was redrawn according to information from the UV map plus Black panel lines & rivets provided by "Typhoon Public"-template, which is a compilation from several re known skin artists: AIPhoenix & SAS crowd, CrazyFlak, HundertZehnGustav, Serval, an unknown kind Typhoon painter ;D, and last but not least, VPmedia.

    No part of this template was used in my own version as it would defeat my purpose to always create my own templates which has been my rule number one from the very beginning in 2007 (trust my words: the best part of skinning is template designing).

    I hope that with this new template you'll be able to quickly pour out new skins for one of the war winning aircraft of the second world war, the British "Cab Rank" counter part for the American Thunderbolt over Normandy: Hawker Typhoon Mk IB.

    Don't forget to check out this place if you want to see some fine Typhoon images and learn the story of this famous fighterbomber:
    Hawker Typhoon by Duggy, text by Greg Goebal.

    This template may not be uploaded further without the consent of the author. Please do not remove credits. Please do not use layers or any parts of this template and upload them as new, or as parts of a new template without permission. No commercial products can be done with this template. This text applies to all public templates by eMeL. Contact: Axis & Allies Paintworks. Or email: emel70 @ outlook . com

    To download page

    Thank you for downloading this template, and Happy Skinning!


    NOTE: Update Version 1.1: the hood texture bug has been fixed. Thanks for showing the way 438_Skunk!

    I know close to 100 members already downloaded this template. Due to the recent discovery of a flaw that could be fixed and is now fixed - the engine hood texture seen from the windshield - I've had to re upload the updated template. Version 1.1 is now the latest version of the new Hawker Typhoon template. Thank you for your patience.


  • many thx for doing this great work

  • Thanks mate, much appreciated.

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