e107   18 Oct : 07:41
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The beautiful B-24D and B-24J Liberators are great birds to fly, with a fantastic cockpit by Ranwers in the modded sim. The Liberators are skinned comprehensively by Jarink and Emel in the Downloads Section.



It seems remarkable that we have so few big bomber campaigns in Il2. However, Monty27 and Boelcke have both been looking into this recently. Both fans of the big bombers, Boelcke is developing new slots for DGen campaigns and Monty27 is going to write some scripted versions for various heavies.

Meanwhile check out Jarink and Emel's fantastic body of work and make sure your Liberators are properly dressed! They won't always be stuck in QMB either...


Feature-Made in Germany

 e107   16 Oct : 12:23
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Featuring more than 100 skins assembled into a big generic skin pack, Boelcke's Defense of the Reich and Westfront campaigns are designed for Il2 4.1.0, DGen, Ultrapack 3.0 and DBW.

Defenseotreich Modded

Campaigns Included::
Luftwaffe fighter campaign from 1943-45 and (Defense of the Reich)
USAAF fighter campaign 1943-45. (Battle over Germany)

You can start the Luftwaffe campaign “Boelckes Defense of the Reich” in the campaign roster or the USAAF fighter campaign “Boelckes Battle over Germany” in the USAAF campaign roster.

The campaign contains the following subcampaigns:
Germany Berlin 1943
Big week February 1944
Germany Berlin Spring 1944
Balaton Hungary 1944
Northern Germany Autumn 1944
Bodenplatte (*new*)
Germany 1945
Battle of Berlin 1945
Jet age, the last days


Check out the thread for more information and advice on campaign settings, configuration and DGen.