• Rudi, they are so good I do not need to go to the "Whore House" tonight!!!


    cheesey cheesey cheesey ...Thanks Alan, no one's ever used that analogy with my paintjobs.. suddenly I feel like Larry Flint shades

    No new pics, but last night I put the finishing touches on White 14 (serial 0514), as she served with the 12th Letka (in last screens), then did a version depicting subsequent service with the 11th Letka in 1944.. painted over the 'L' and applied a 'K' to the fuselage code, added some bullet patches from ground fire received during stafing runs on troop columns, plus some additional paint chips and weathering to reflect her extended service.

    Operational Avias were on the 'endangered list' as early as 1941, and anything surviving as late as 1944 was definately a true survivor. There numbers dwindled not only due to a lack of parts and technological obsolecence, but also due to the pre-war BiBoLi fuel mixture of alcohol, benzol, and petrol for which the engines were adjusted.

    Although for skinning, this is actually a blessing in disguise, since there will be fewer examples to research and paint. And I'm already slow enough as it is.

    All the best! ~ Rudi Jaeger 'Purveyor of Airplane Porn'

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